Best Tools To Check Duplicate Content

Your company / agency wants to launch new website for your client or you want to revamp your client’s website. There are many teams involved in this website building process such as client servicing, account management, project manager, developer, content writers, creative etc. Sometimes you also involve your SEO team for website building to check its SEO friendliness. The important part is content on the website. Content decides success of new website. Because it decides search presence of your brand.

Content team writes the content and sends to SEO team to check keyword (targeted for client’s business niche) density, keyword prominence etc. Before doing checks for keyword density and prominence, SEO team should check for originality or uniqueness of the content. Because having duplicate content on the website can be great barrier for site’s search engine presence. How to check this originality of the content.

SEO experts use different tools to check duplicate content. This can be done after or before publishing the content. In other words, you can check offline content as well as site’s URL for originality of the content. Below are few best tools to do so.

Top tools to check duplicate content

1. Siteliner 

Siteliner helps you to check site-wide duplicate content as well as duplicate content on page level. Apart from duplicate content check, it also lets you find broken links, skipped pages while crawling, related domains, internal links in, internal links out, external links out, cached pages of the website. Siteliner also helps you to create XML sitemap. You can download complete site report for site result in CSV format. If you want to download a visible table on your screen for site result, you will able to do so.

siteliner for duplicate content check

Siteliner free version get you analysis of maximum 250 pages of your website whereas with premium version you can analyse upto 25,000 web pages. Premium version also provides you control over which pages on your site are scanned with its advanced options.

Siteliner site results for duplicate content

This is how site results appear on Siteliner


2. Copyscape

You can simply enter URL of the website and get results of duplicate content/plagiarism. With premium Copyscape version you can check originality of the content even before publishing or making site live. Just copy and paste your offline content to check for duplicate content, if any.

Copyscape tool to check duplicate content

You can check upto 10,000 pages in batch search. You can also exclude certain sites from results if you already know about it. Copyscape Premium API is another advantage of this tool which provides automated search. Another interesting feature is, it allows you to check duplicate content within your own content.

3. PlagSpotter

Similar to Copyscape, PlagSpotter also allows you add URL and get you results of duplicate content. It provides list of sources and matched content in percentage. In the duplicate content report, PlagSpotter gives  sentence by sentence view with how much content is duplicated on your website. PlagSpotter also has its free and premium version as well as it provides API for automated checking.

PlagSpotter duplicate content checker

PlagSpotter offline content check

4. Plagiarism Checker (

This one is my favourite tool due to its ease of access. With Plagiarism Checker, you can check content for duplicity or originality before publishing. You have to just copy and paste offline content into the box available and check plagiarism. It gives you sentence by sentence view with percentage of duplicate content. After clicking on content marked as duplicated (typically highlighted in red), it takes you to Google search results with list of searches from where content copied or your content is matching to the content on listed site results.

Plagiarism Checker for originality of content

These are best tools to rely upon if you want to check your site for duplicate content. Use of these tools will help you to provide more valuable content to your customer/user/consumer. You can also have copyright for your content and can protect your intellectual property. With original content you can create unique online identity for your brand.

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