Instagram Introducing Regram Button To Share Insta Posts

Instagram is currently testing its new feature of “Regram” button to share Insta posts.

Along with Regram button, it  is working on several new features.

Regram button, would be very popular, as it’s something users have been waiting  for several years.

You have seen Retweets on Twitter. You have seen Share function for Facebook posts. Regram will work in similar manner and will allow users reshare other people’s content from their own feed.

The Regram button will be  alongside the Like, Comment and Direct Message options. This has been tested for few Insta accounts and spotted by The Next Web’s Matt Navarra.

Regram Button

Till now, you  have to save Insta posts and repost them, or rely on third-party apps like Regram; if you want to “Regram” pictures and videos on Instagram. Or you can also send them to particular users or friend only with ‘Send’ button.

However, with introduction of a dedicated Regram button; it will become much smoother and more secure too.

A new Instagram Stories option called Highlight is also spotted by The Next Web, which lets you keep a Story on your profile for longer than 24 hours, which is the standard limit. It is similar to the function “pinned posts” on Facebook.

Also, just like you make conversation groups on Facebook chat messenger and  Top 8 on Myspace, Instagram is  testing a closest friends list. This will help to do group chat just for Instagram posts.

GIF search feature and a “Share to WhatsApp” button are other two features of Instagram which will be soon in action. A “Share to WhatsApp” button will make it easier for you to share Instagram-edited photos through the messaging app.

All these features  are currently being tested by Instagram. They are making these features more promising and secure in order to launch them properly.

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