What is Mobile App Deep Links and Differed Deep Linking?

Mobile App Deep Linking

  • Mobile App Deep Links are links for the inner pages of App or links for app screen pages other than home page.
  • With deep links you can launch app from a webpage or email.
  • With deep links you can launch a native mobile application via a link.
  • It directly links user to specific screen page or relevant content within mobile app to perform specific action
  • If user clicks on deep link (link for inner screen page), he/she gets redirected to relevant screen page to access in-app content if app is already installed but app is not installed , he/she gets redirected to relevant play store(Google Play store/iTunes). In such scenario, deep links are termed as deferred deep links
  • In more details, with deep links you can view a specific section of the app — say, viewing a certain article in a news app, seeing a particular image in an social-network app, or entering a particular chatroom in a chat app.
  • With deep links you can have a web-based version of the same app. You want one link to be able to intelligently launch the app (if installed), download the app (if not yet installed), or show the web-based version (if on a desktop, unsupported platform etc.)

Enabling Deep Links

Example – Dr Lal Path Lab Mobile App

  • Link to the inner pages or screen pages of App from your website
  • Ex. Screen page for ‘Find a Lab’
  • Add link to footer of the website that can directly take you to the particular inner screen page



Deep links can be presented on different platforms –



Example SERP

Mobile-app-SERP-with-deep Links

Image Source:Performics


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