July 5, 2018

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An important aspect of our SEO freelancer in Mumbai is to making your website easy for both users and search engine robots to understand. If our SEO Consultant or SEO expert in Mumbai has been around for at least 9 years, they should have good work profiles and fillfull your business need by their freelance SEO services in India.

Here are some problems that you might be facing currently-

  • NOT getting enough traffic from Search Engine?
  • NOT getting higher ranking on targeted keywords across FIRST Page of GOOGLE?
  • NOT getting business leads & sales?
  • NOT getting Brand Awareness on Digital Platform?
  • NOT getting organic search traffic for desired Keywords?

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Enhancing Quality Of Traffic by SEO Freelancer in Mumbai, India

Apart from just driving traffic to your website our team of SEO Freelancer in Mumbai ensure that the traffic is of quality and that at the end it is possible to convert the traffic into potential long term customers for monetary gains. You definitely need your business website to be found easily on the top of various search engines. Making your website more search engine friendly is what our SEO Experts specialize in. you may walk in today or mail our SEO Consultant in Mumbai and the journey to building a formidably visible website begins. With a vast experience and expertise in digital marketing strategies, you can be sure our SEO Expert in Mumbai will be of great help.

Hire Best SEO Freelancer, SEO Experts, SEO Consultants in Mumbai, India

Think of Google, Yahoo, Bing among others then visualize what your business would be like if your website got ranked at the top by the search engines. Digital Eye Network believe you are a smart mind and for that reason will apply this digital vehicle to garner more visibility translating to more traffic and ultimately more monetary gain. That is why you need us as the best SEO agency to help you take your business to the next level.

SEO – A Relevant Tool In Digital Marketing Strategy

You ask any Best SEO Expert in Mumbai out there and they will tell you that going digital is the only way to gain that competitive advantage in the business world. SEO makes part of the crucial components of digital marketing. With this tool and the right SEO Freelancer in Mumbai to execute the strategy, then BOOM! You are there. Our Freelance SEO Services are so far ranked the best in the industry with professional SEO Consultant in India and experts that work tirelessly to boost visibility of your website. You can no longer rely on offline pages if you want to gain that competitive edge. Our team of experts basically start with understanding the target audience then apply the right digital marketing strategies and techniques to get your site to the top. We are the SEO Expert in Mumbai that will always watch your back as competitors try to get on top.

Hire Best Freelance SEO Service by Professional SEO Freelancer, SEO Experts, SEO Consultants in Mumbai, India

By believing in providing the best, we have become the Best SEO Freelancer in Mumbai with many Best SEO Expert in India well informed on the modalities of ranking websites by search engines. Our company also offers Freelance SEO Service in Mumbai for those businesses far away. Therefore if you are interested in hiring an Best SEO Freelancer in Mumbai, then you are on the right place. SEO is all about selecting the right Key Words and that is exactly what our team of experts do. In the execution of SEO for your website, our SEO Expert in Mumbai undertake the following process to ensure your website is more visible and remains on top of search engines;

SEO Packages, SEO Pricing, Affordable SEO Cost in Mumbai, India

SEO Process by SEO Expert in Mumbai, India

Analysis of the website

Our professional SEO Consultant in Mumbai look into a number of SEO factors so that the right strategies and techniques will be used on your website. Ease of navigation through the website, backlinks available, web content, domain age and indexed pages among others.


Competitor Analysis

When you want to get to the top, you need to learn your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to digital marketing. Our SEO Freelancer in India puts into consideration the level of competition out there. By looking into the objectives of your competitors, keyword selection and strategy, then our team of SEO Expert in India will know the right way to execute the strategy.



Keyword Research

Our Best SEO Freelancer in India are also tasked to come up with the right keywords that are easily picked by the search engines. By so doing, your website becomes more search engine friendly and thus better ranking.


Content Optimization

This is a crucial factor in SEO that our Best SEO Consultant in Mumbai looks into to boost your online presence. The content on your website may be rewritten to meet the required standards such that the website looks a little bit professional. With good web content, then you are assured of better results in terms of traffic flow.




Link Building

These are basically web submissions done by our team of Best SEO Expert in India. Getting backlinks from carefully selected websites would definitely enable your website to go up in the search engine rankings.



On-Page Optimization

This is the act of ensuring that your website is clean and search engine friendly. Our Best SEO Freelancer in Mumbai does this by correcting HTML errors and writing of correct tags.




Regular SEO Reporting

Our Best SEO Consultant in India deliver quality Freelance SEO Services in Mumbai to you and ensure that everything is reported as handled. This is a way to build trust with our clients so that they understand that they have got back the value of their money.



SEO Maintenance

Online presence has thrown business owners into a frantic race each racing to get to the top by Best SEO Freelancer in India. Once you are there, don’t forget that other are fighting hard to replace you. In that case, maintaining that position is not an easy task. That is why you need our Professional Freelancer SEO Services in Mumbai to always lock out your competitors from that position.



SEO Packages, SEO Pricing, Affordable SEO Cost in Mumbai, India

We (Best SEO Freelancer in Mumbai) continuously improve ourselves with time to fulfill our clients needs and maintain the quality at work. Check Out Some SERP on GOOGLE


SEO Packages, SEO Pricing, Affordable SEO Cost in Mumbai, India

Award Winning SEO Case Studies by Best SEO Consultant in Mumbai, India

Increased 4,899% Organic Traffic through NON- BRAND KEYWORDS to Dominate Google #MUSTWATCH

Covering Note/ Overall Experience:

Finance & Banking is one of the most competitive online marketplaces, with affiliates, brands and publishers all jockeying for visibility. While UTIMF had built a good reputation over a period of time, yet it could not attract prospects who were not specifically looking for UTI MF but were keen to learn more about the category. It required a major shift in their search strategy. After implementing SEO techniques, the company was able to grow 149% organic traffic through non-brand keywords thereby attracting a new set of customers to UTI MF fold.

SEO Strategy:

While the brand UTI MF is well established, it was losing the battle of keywords for non-brand terms. Our site ignored a large volume of prospects who were looking for category education and as a result lost out the opportunity to bring them into our lead funnel. Hence our entire strategy was built on improving INBOUND MARKETING USING CATEGORY KEYWORDS. The following strategic interventions were made:

  • Keywords Research: Extensive Keyword Research done by SEO Expert in India with tools like Google Keyword Planner, Moz etc. and including Generic (Ex. NAV, ULIP Policy etc.) & Longtail Keywords (Ex. mutual funds nav India, latest nav of mutual funds etc.). Studying competition sites also helped in deciding keywords for UTIMF
  • Page Content Analysis: Our Best SEO Consultant in India Optimising content with researched keywords without losing user readability. Adding schema to this content led to rich snippet in Google SERPs which could able to improve click through rate. Ex. Type of mutual funds
  • Content Generation & Optimization: Content developed & optimized with all SEO ethics followed by SEO Freelancer in Mumbai. Targeted business niche keywords (Ex. Nav, ULIP Policy etc.) to relevant pages.
  • Content Promotion with Anchor Diversification: Our Best SEO Expert in Mumbai Run Quality link building campaign like Content marketing, Video, PPT, Doc, Infographics promotion. Social sharing, bookmarking, Q&A, Articles and PR also helps to market. 
Creative and Innovation:
  • HTTPS for Site: Our Best SEO Consultant have migrated site from http:// to https:// which made big difference in search engine in the form of improved search engine keyword ranking and increased organic visitors to site.
  • Site Architecture: As we know, uti mutual fund is a big brand in the finance and banking industry, so it has wide range of funds like equity fund, balance fund, debt fund and other market fund and we interlinked them by menu links and inner page architecture.
  • Rich Answer: Our Best SEO Freelancer Optimized content that can be direct answers to queries on Google search results
  • Microdata (Schema Mark-up): Implemented schema for breadcrumb, address which is useful for improving CTR of site.
SEO Execution:
  • Business Niche Keyword: Renewed business keywords which have large search volume, latent similar key phrases, longtails and local keywords so we can reach every stage of customer.
  • Page Analysis: Our SEO Experts Created dedicate page for targeted keywords. Wrote content for each of them with attractive images, graphs, videos etc and optimized them with best SEO techniques like high CTR title and description, headings, relevant anchor text, image optimization, canonicals, maintained keyword density according to the copy of page.
  • Website Loading Speed: As per google algorithms, Our SEO Freelancer understand the values of page speed so while optimizing the page we have used compressed but quality images, gzip enabled, avoided internal CSS and Scripts which can help to improve the page load speed.
  • Link building: Generated quality backlinks for site in the form of content marketing strategies such as submissions on web 2.0 property, guest posting, articles, press release, infographics, videos and other effective authority link building strategies made by our Best SEO Freelancer in India for finance domain.
 SEO Results:
  • Organic Traffic increased by 4,899% % on NON BRAND KEYWORDS
  • 88% of non-brand terms improved in ranking
  • Website Loading Speed Reduce from 9.1 Sec to 3.0 Sec
  • Bounce Rate Reduce from 57% to 29%


How DishTV Started Beating Competition on DTH Industry Keywords #MUSTWATCH

SEO Packages, SEO Pricing, Affordable SEO Cost in Mumbai, India

Brands Where Our SEO Experts have Work With..

We look forward to being the best SEO Freelancer in Mumbai you will think of. Our SEO Expert in Mumbai are working hard to offer you the best Freelance SEO Services in Mumbai that will guarantee to ranking by search engines. We value you as a client and would do the best to help you with the digital marketing and promoting your online presence. If you believe in our services, then give us a call and our SEO Consultant in Mumbai will be pleased to help you.

SEO Packages, SEO Pricing, Affordable SEO Cost in Mumbai, India

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