July 5, 2018

SEO Case Studies

Increased 4,899% Organic Traffic through NON- BRAND KEYWORDS to Dominate Google

Covering Note/ Overall Experience:

Finance & Banking is one of the most competitive online marketplaces, with affiliates, brands and publishers all jockeying for visibility. While UTIMF had built a good reputation over a period of time, yet it could not attract prospects who were not specifically looking for UTI MF but were keen to learn more about the category. It required a major shift in their search strategy. After implementing SEO techniques, the company was able to grow 149% organic traffic through non-brand keywords thereby attracting a new set of customers to UTI MF fold.


While the brand UTI MF is well established, it was losing the battle of keywords for non-brand terms. Our site ignored a large volume of prospects who were looking for category education and as a result lost out the opportunity to bring them into our lead funnel. Hence our entire strategy was built on improving INBOUND MARKETING USING CATEGORY KEYWORDS. The following strategic interventions were made:

  • Keywords Research: Extensive Keyword Research done with tools like Google Keyword Planner, Moz etc. and including Generic (Ex. NAV, ULIP Policy etc.) & Longtail Keywords (Ex. mutual funds nav India, latest nav of mutual funds etc.). Studying competition sites also helped in deciding keywords for UTIMF
  • Page Content Analysis: Optimising content with researched keywords without losing user readability. Adding schema to this content led to rich snippet in Google SERPs which could able to improve click through rate. Ex. Type of mutual funds
  • Content Generation & Optimization: Content developed & optimized with all SEO ethics. Targeted business niche keywords (Ex. Nav, ULIP Policy etc.) to relevant pages.
  • Content Promotion with Anchor Diversification: Run Quality link building campaign like Content marketing, Video, PPT, Doc, Infographics promotion. Social sharing, bookmarking, Q&A, Articles and PR also helps to market. 

Creative and Innovation:

  • HTTPS for Site: We have migrated site from http:// to https:// which made big difference in search engine in the form of improved search engine keyword ranking and increased organic visitors to site.
  • Site Architecture: As we know, uti mutual fund is a big brand in the finance and banking industry, so it has wide range of funds like equity fund, balance fund, debt fund and other market fund and we interlinked them by menu links and inner page architecture.
  • Rich Answer: Optimized content that can be direct answers to queries on Google search results
  • Microdata (Schema Mark-up): Implemented schema for breadcrumb, address which is useful for improving CTR of site.


  • Business Niche Keyword: Renewed business keywords which have large search volume, latent similar key phrases, longtails and local keywords so we can reach every stage of customer.
  • Page Analysis: Created dedicate page for targeted keywords. Wrote content for each of them with attractive images, graphs, videos etc and optimized them with best SEO techniques like high CTR title and description, headings, relevant anchor text, image optimization, canonicals, maintained keyword density according to the copy of page.
  • Website Loading Speed: As per google algorithms, we understand the values of page speed so while optimizing the page we have used compressed but quality images, gzip enabled, avoided internal CSS and Scripts which can help to improve the page load speed.
  • Link building: Generated quality backlinks for site in the form of content marketing strategies such as submissions on web 2.0 property, guest posting, articles, press release, infographics, videos and other effective authority link building strategies for finance domain.


Organic Traffic increased by 4,899% % on NON BRAND KEYWORDS

88% of non-brand terms improved in ranking

Website Loading Speed Reduce from 9.1 Sec to 3.0 Sec

Bounce Rate Reduce from 57% to 29%


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